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Bela Talbot. 29. London. 2013. Human-ish. Great thief. Daughter of demons.


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Hello Again, Old Friend



"Err.. I can try. Interdimentional shit is really wishy-washy!" Jack breathed as he did some quick calculations. He bit his lip, pinching up his brows as he concentrated. "However, I did get a lock on the energy signature it used to cross the planes. I can make an alarm sound whenever it fires off so we know it’s coming!" he exclaimed with a short laugh. 

"Also.. I might have to hop through the portal to get the kill shot. Hurry… let’s find some rope!" he added quickly. 

"Rope, tentacles, guns… This meeting is getting very kinky, Jack. Reminds me of that time I was in Prague. But that’s…. A different matter. Where are we going to find rope?" Bela asked, looking around. She didn’t see anything at the moment, and didn’t know how long it would take her to run somewhere where she could find it, and time was currently of the essence. "Though, I don’t like the idea of you jumping in there after that thing. You could get yourself killed!"

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Hello Again, Old Friend



"Hell yeah! I like to get eaten, but not like this!" Jack exclaimed, really wishing this was just the set of a space porno instead of a job with an extremely dangerous alien that could go horribly wrong. 

He popped off a few shots, then watched as the tentacles retracted and the portals sealed. “I bet you a hot latte that thing’s not dead,” he growled, then furiously checked his manipulator. 

"Don’t we all?" Bela asked, looking nervously over her shoulders to make sure there weren’t any more sucker rods trying to grab her. "That was… No, it’s not dead. It’s not." She shook her head and leaned against the brick of the wall, looking over at Jack. "Can you track it? Because I would like for it to be dead. Very dead."

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Hello Again, Old Friend



"Huh? Why not? You were pretty damn good at it," Jack asked, and even though he was immortal, he understood her desire to survive. Even for him dying was physically and emotionally painful. 

Suddenly, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. “Bela! Watch out!” Jack called out, drawing his pistol. He shoved her out of the way, then started shooting at some tentacles that seemed to appear out of thin air. It was a scene that wouldn’t be out of place in any of Lovecraft’s stories. 

"Excuse me." Bela huffed when Jack pushed her out of the way. She drew her own gun from its holster and turned off the safety, getting ready to protect herself if need be. "I can shoot too. Now, would you like to tell me what you brought to Lovely London this time? Those are tentacles. Though, I shouldn’t expect anything different from you.” Bela felt something tapping her shoulder, and she whipped around and shot behind her, hitting a tentacle square in the sucker. “I feel like we’re in some really, really bizarre space porno.”

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Hello Again, Old Friend



"Hey, at least I’m nice to look at," Jack quipped as he pressed a few more buttons.

"But on a more serious note, yes, there is something here. Though I have no clue where, which is a problem. It’s sort of straddling dimensions, and will only break through to this plane to catch its prey. That’s where there’s been so many unsolved disappearances connected to this place. So you may say ghost, but I say something else entirely," Jack explained. 

"Mmmm, Very nice." Bela said while eyeing Jack’s arse while he turned around. But when he mentioned the ghost, her face grew more serious. "I’m not really in that business anymore. The running around and blowing up monsters when they get in my way sort of deal." She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Jack very seriously. "I’m trying to stay alive this time. And how many times did both of us almost die when we were kids?"

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Hello Again, Old Friend



"Not quite…" Jack murmured as he slowly pushed open the door. Chuckling, he shot Bela a look over his shoulder. "I’m glad you’re on my side. A lot of folks weren’t," the Captain confessed. 

Upon entering the abandoned building, there was a distinct clicking sound to be heard permeating the air. Sighing, Jack paused to take more readings. It wasn’t evident what he was searching for, exactly. Not yet, anyway. 

"Bela. You believe in ghosts, if I’m not mistaken?" he asked after a moment of tense silence. 

"It’s not about believing." Bela said, her lips curling into a frown. "It is a known fact that they exist. Saying you believe in ghosts is like saying you believe in gravity." She looked around, trying to make sure there wasn’t anything around her that would prompt that response from Jack, and then looked back at him. "Why? There’s not something here, is there? You’re quite bad luck for me, Jack Harkness."

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Hello Again, Old Friend



"Ah, no. I ditched that shit long ago. They kinda.. screwed me over," Jack confessed as he walked, giving Bela a side long glance as much as he could between the manipulator and the ground beneath his feet. 

"Woah!" Jack exclaimed, gabbing onto Bela’s arm as he manipulator suddenly began to screech. He halted in front of a building that looked long abandoned. "Here. It’s in here." the Captain whispered as he approached the front door. 

"What’s in there?" Bela asked, her voice showing the wariness in her tone. "Please don’t tell me it’s going to be another fire breathing space cow. We can’t burn down New York too, Jack." She looked at the door and rolled her eyes, grabbing her gun out of its holster just in case she needed to use it. "Who hasn’t been screwed over by their employer once or twice. Can’t blame you for leaving. Hell knows I did." 

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